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Check in & Check Out

Check in 15:00~22:00
Check Out Before 11:00
If you are unavailable to check in before 22:00 with personal circumstance, Contact us in advance.

Guest House Utilization Rules

No smoking in indoors.
Drinking allowed until 12pm in guesthouse.
Pet is not allowed.
Force to leaving the room action will be taken if you damage others, take discomfort actions, and does not follow
basic etiquette.

How to use With Guest House

Rules on using facilities
You should return dishes that are used for breakfast to where their place after washing them.
We do not take a responsibility for lost articles that are not kept in locker.

Rules on minors and children

Minors' sleeping together is not allowed.
In the case that children damage facility, a guardian should take a responsibility for the damage.

Refund rules

In the case that cancellation is made seven days before check in - full refund
In the case that cancellation is made three days before check in - 50% refund
In the case that cancellation is made less than two days before check in, refund is not possible.

Information on breakfast

Food ingredients for breakfast, soup, bread, jam, butter, egg, beverage and coffee are offered free and simple cooking
is self service. Time for simple cooking for breakfast is from 7 am until 10 am. Food ingredient is subject to change.